Kritik an Googles Anti-Piracy-Maßnahmen: „Village Roadshow chief slams Google for ‚facilitating crime’“

The Sydney Morning Herald vom 19.02.2018

Nach Ansicht von Graham Burke, CO-CEO des Unterhaltungskonzerns Village Roadshow, geht Google nicht nur zu zaghaft gegen Piraterie-Angebote vor, der Konzern würde „kriminelle Aktivitäten zulassen“ und sei sogar „mitschuldig“ an den massenhaften Urheberrechtsverletzungen.

„Mr Burke has been a board member for Village Roadshow since 1988 and describes his involvement with Red Dog as „one of the great joys“ of his life. It is the second-best selling DVD in Australian history behind Finding Nemo. […]

‚How can you make these films commercially viable if it’s being given away free?‘

One way copyright holders can stop pirate websites is by getting a court order for internet service providers to block a site. In 2016, the Federal Court ordered major piracy website Pirate Bay to be blocked in Australia. In August, Foxtel and Village Roadshow had 59 pirate sites blocked by using these site-blocking laws. Mr Burke is a 13 per cent shareholder in Village Roadshow.

On Wednesday, the government put its site blocking laws up for review to determine if they are working and any needed changes. Google does not actively block pirate sites, nor proxy sites that show work-arounds to reach blocked sites.

‚My view is they are complicit and they are facilitating crime,‘ he said.“


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